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transponder chips

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Xhorse Super Chip XT27 for VVDI Key Tool and VVDI2 SKU:300000035249 Model:XT27USD 3.00
Metallo CN2 Cloning Transponder Chip SKU:300000033358 Model:CN2USD 7.99
Metallo CHIP 4D-63 Transponder Chip 80 bit Blank - Generic Ford SKU:300000033310 Model:4D-63USD 5.00
Metallo CHIP 40 Bit Transponder Chip SKU:300000033303 Model:40 BitUSD 4.00
Metallo CHIP 4D-63 40 Bit Transponder Chip Ford - Generic SKU:300000031682 Model:4D-63 40BitUSD 4.50
Xhorse 46 VVDI Transponder Chip for Keytool SKU:300000024882 Model:46USD 6.50
Xhorse 48 VVDI Transponder Chip for Keytool SKU:300000024875 Model:48USD 5.00
Xhorse 4D VVDI Transponder Chip for Keytool SKU:300000024868 Model:4DUSD 6.00
OEM CHIP 4D-68 Transponder Chip Lexus Texas Instruments SKU:300000023670 Model:4D-68USD 6.00
Metallo CHIP Philips 47 Transponder Chip 7938 G Honda SKU:300000018751 Model:7938 GUSD 4.50
OEM CHIP 4D-63 80 Bit Transponder Chip Ford SKU:300000016740 Model:4D-63USD 6.00
Metallo CHIP 4D-60 Transponder Chip 80 bit Blank SKU:300000016405 Model:4D-60USD 3.50